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  • Vocal Teacher Training

    Are you looking for a part time job with a difference and excellent pay? Learning how to teach singing from international singer and music educator Jade Leonard will give you lifelong skills that will also provide you with a generous income.

    Classes cover all aspects of vocal teaching including technique, repertoire, piano accompaniment skills and supervised hands-on teaching experience.

    Trainees completing the full training course (80 classes) will be immediately employed by Jade.

    Trainee teachers must be studying private vocal lessons with a fully qualified vocal teacher throughout their training period. It is highly recommended that trainees undertake theory and practical examinations, particularly if they do not intend to continue tertiary music study.

    Course Overview

    Classes 1 โ€“ 20
    Focus on basic skill development, theoretical and pedagogical knowledge. Lesson planing, accompaniment skills and vocal techniques. Observation of qualified teachers at work.

    Classes 21 โ€“ 40
    Observed practical teaching experience with beginner students.

    Classes 41 โ€“ 60
    Analysis of unobserved practical teaching experience of beginner students. Teaching for examinations and performances Level 1.

    Classes 61-80
    Employment as Trainee Teacher. Teaching for examinations and performances Level 2.

    Course Structure

    Full training
    2 years or 80 classes

    Maximum 6 trainees per class

    Course Completion

    Trainees completing the full training course (80 classes) will be immediately employed by Jade.

    Once training is completed, teachers will be able to apply for work in private music schools or begin their own teaching from home.

    To continue training to teach in primary and secondary schools, teachers will need to complete a Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Teaching or Diploma of Education at tertiary level.

    For further information or to discuss your eligibility to train, please contact Jade Leonard.

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