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    Following her 2011 electro EP C4$H1N8, Jade releases GlitterWood – an album combining live jazz performances with slick production.

    01. Pandora

    02. Gabrielle

    03. For You

    04. The Real Me

    05. Ignite

    06. Joan Of Arc

    07. All I Want

    08. Over The Rainbow

    09. Blue Rose

    10. Just A Little Bit


    In her long awaited EP release of 2011, Jade Leonard brings you an eclectic mix of her very best tunes. From dance tracks to jazz ballads – this EP will take TNT to your pigeon holes. BAM.

    01. 5*

    02. Be My Girl

    03. Mash It Up


    Following the release of her first single, Funny Bunny, Jade now brings you a must-have mix tape tune with RUBY, a song she penned for queer icon Ruby Rose.

    Funny Bunny

    Straying from her improvisation and interpretive roots, Jade released her first bubble gum pop tune in 2011 – with a twist.

    Acoustic Releases

    A collection of acoustic singles Jade released throughout 2009 as digital downloads.

    01. All Or Nothing At All

    02. Lovers No More

    03. Resolutions

    04. Shimmer

    05. You Have Me Whole

    Self-Titled Album

    An album full of Jade’s original compositions. Her music has been termed folk-acoustic-pop, although it is influenced by world and jazz music. This is predominantly a six piece band including voice, keyboard, guitar, bass, drums and percussion. Recent performances of this work include Planet Café and Barley Corn Hotel.

    01. Mona’s Eyes

    02. Waited

    03. My Every Song

    04. Take Me Away

    05. Mellow

    06. Don’t Worry

    07. Are You Lonely?

    Flipsliders EP

    A project in collaboration with Natalie Barber, creates a fusion of pop-rock with sophisticated songwriting and lyrics. Flipsliders dedicates itself to playing original material composed by Natalie (percussion and vocals) and Jade (keys and vocals). Mainly, Jade writes the ballads and Natalie writes the real rock songs.

    01. Million Times

    02. Do You See

    03. In My Arms

    04. She’s Got A Way


    In early 2002, Jade and Jeremy Woolhouse recorded three tracks for Jeremy’s first CD, Thumbnails. The CD includes the three tracks featuring Jade and also recordings of Jeremy’s solo, trio and ensemble works. This includes recordings of his tango ensemble “Estuary Three” and jazz group “Trio Kestrel”.

    Track Listing Composer
    01. Corcovado Jobim
    02. Days of Wine and Roses Mancini
    03. Moon River Mancini
    04. Stella by Starlight Young
    05. My One and Only Love Mellin
    06. Chelsea Bridge Strayhorn
    07. Here’s That Rainy Day Van Huesson
    08. Over The Rainbow Arlen
    09. Continuum Myriad Woolhouse
    10. Unity Woolhouse
    11. Omphalus Woolhouse
    12. Going Away Woolhouse

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